Membership Training for appreciation

Last week, my personal big event of this year, the sham assembly session is over.  As the purpose of appreciating our teamwork, we planned to go on a membership training. It was perfect. We had great time at the wonderful pension in Cheong-Pyeong. Seniors prepared the trip, and freshmen brought a cake and letter for…

The sham Assembly session

Most Fulfilling day of the year! (This is so important to me that My video assignment and photo one are wholy invested.) My major, Political Science, holds annul project ; the Sham Assembly Session.  As I am senior student, with my same grade classmates, we have planned this performance from A to Z. Freshman students…

Play in Seoul Univ. 

Seoul University students, who majored in Political Science, prepared situation comedy about sarcastic fictional congress. It was pleasure to watch such a nice play. So Creative!

the Constitutional Crisis

Please Watch this article. In short, actually korean president “Park” is a fanatic of the cult, and acts as “Choi”‘s tool. This is not a conspiracy theory! Korean journal JTBC secured “Choi”‘s tablet PC, and found out that governmental Top Secet documents are in there. Those are an irrefutable proof that korean politics is not…

About Me

Ah, ah!  This is Lee Hyunwoo speaking. This enchanting guy is the master of “Woo’s House”, who can’t live without music(especially Rock, Metal, Classic) and has studied political science(especially political economy and political theory) for a long time. Now, you’re able to join this fabulous wonderland with a bunch of delicious stuff.